Table 5: Stepwise regression analyses of medical and psychological variables and their relationship to SDS in SLE patients.

SDSCoef.Std. Err. [95% CI]

SLEDAI0., 0.37
VT−0.190.05−3.480.001−0.30, −0.08
PF−0.130.05−2.600.01−23.8, −0.03
SF−0.090.03−2.690.009−0.15, −0.02
RE−0.080.02−3.130.003−0.12, −0.03

SDS: revised Self-Rating Depression Scale; SLEDAI: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index; VT: energy/vitality; PF: physical functioning; SF: social functioning; RE: role limitations due to emotional problems.