Clinical Study

A Study on Clinical and Pathologic Features in Lupus Nephritis with Mainly IgA Deposits and a Literature Review

Table 2

Renal involvement of SLE that has nephritis with mainly IgA deposits.

Red cells (per HPF)White cells (per HPF)Casts (per HPF)Protein (g/24 h)Serum creatinine (umol/L)Serum urea nitrogen (mmol/L)

1F/64All viewAll view8–10 granular239374.604.49
2M/45All view1-2 granular 2497163.0011.10
3F/3130–35 65160.604.00
4F/3124–2620-211–3 granular3619221.7028.78
5M/4015–201-21–3 granular469286.105.22

Indicates higher than normal range. Red cells, white cells, cast, and protein were all tested in urine. Normal range: urine protein (g/24 h): 50 150 mg; serum creatinine 53 115 umol/L; serum urea nitrogen 2.85 7.14 mmol/L.