Figure 4: The macrophages (Mph) and dendritic cells (DC) with cell surface markers (a) CD11b, CD11c, CD14, CD16/CD32 and (b) CD80, CD83, CD86. The independently examined objects are control peritoneal macrophages (ConMph) from three intact mice, peritoneal macrophages obtained from mouse 25 (25Mph) after being intraperitoneally infected with the BCG vaccine for two months, cells in leukocyte infiltrates from mouse 6S/2 and granulomas from the spleens of three to five mice after one and two months (Gran/1 and Gran/2, resp.) of BCG infection in vivo and ex vivo culture after a few days. Gran/2 granulomas of 12 mice were analyzed for CD11b. Data are means ± SEM. * (comparing CD-positive macrophages in controls (ConMph and 25Mph) and Gran/1 and Gran/2 granulomas), ** , *** , & .