Research Article

Investigation of Functional Activity of Cells in Granulomatous Inflammatory Lesions from Mice with Latent Tuberculous Infection in the New Ex Vivo Model

Figure 5

IFNγ, IL-1α, GM-CSF, and FGFb in granuloma cells from the spleens (S/) of mice that were infected with the BCG vaccine in vivo for two months (/2) and after ex vivo culture for a few days. Scale bars: 10 μm. Detailed pictures of granulomas. ((a), (c)-(d)) Immunochemical localization of cytokines in granuloma cells ((a), (c)) and control mouse peritoneal macrophages ((d), left and central panels) and spleen fibroblasts ((d), right panel). The brown color of the cell membranes indicates the presence of cytokines in these regions. Black arrows indicate macrophages stained for (a) IFNγ, (c) IL-1α, and GM-CSF. (c) Red arrow indicates megakaryocyte; red stars indicate neutrophils with GM-CSF; black stars indicate fibroblasts without GM-CSF and with FGFb. (b) Confocal immunofluorescent localization of IFNγ (green signal) in granuloma cells. Staining nuclei with DAPI (blue signal). On the right panel is the same granuloma part as on the left panel but restained to acid-fast BCG-mycobacteria with Ziehl-Neelsen stain. BCG-mycobacterium in a Langhans giant cell is indicated by black arrow.