Table 1: The cellular composition of granulomas from spleens of mice after one (Gran/1) and two months (Gran/2) of being infected with BCG vaccine.

Granuloma cellsNo. of granulomas with cellsNo. of cells in
Gran/1Gran/2Leukocyte infiltrations from mouse 6S/2Gran/1Gran/2

Dendritic cells
Fibroblasts * ** **
Eosinophils *** ***
Langhans giant cells

Data is presented as mean percentage of the number of granulomas containing a particular cell type out of the total number of examined granulomas or a particular cell type, out of the macrophage population in the granulomas and the standard error of mean of Gran/1 (5 mice, 346 granulomas) and Gran/2 (20 mice, 857 granulomas). * , ** , *** .