Research Article

The Expression of Netrin-1 in the Thymus and Its Effects on Thymocyte Adhesion and Migration

Figure 1

Expression of Netrin-1 and the corresponding receptors in the mouse thymus and thymic cell types. (a) RT-PCR detection of Netrin-1 and Unc5b mRNA expression in the indicated cells. (b) This depicts a section of mouse thymus for the immunofluorescent staining of Keratin 8 (red) and Netrin-1 (green). The microscopic field shows that both molecules are largely colocalized in the thymus. Bars in the above and bottom panels are 100  m and 25  m, respectively. ((c) and (d)) RT-PCR detection of other receptors’ mRNA expression in the indicated cells. Brain: positive control; TSC: thymic stromal cell; OP9: bone-marrow-derived stromal cell; MTEC: medullary thymic epithelial cell; DN: double negative thymocyte; DP: double positive thymocyte; CD4SP: CD4 single positive thymocyte; CD8SP: CD8 single positive thymocyte; H2O: negative control.