Table 3: Comparison of prognostic factors between sustained responsive group and nonsustained responsive group.

Clinical and laboratoristic prognostic factorsThe SR groupThe non-SR group

Patients’ number2825
Mean age, years32 (14–58)36 (14–65)0.302
Mean duration, years3.07 (2–6)2.88 (2–5)0.504
Mean baseline Plt, ×109/L22.96 (11–31)21.96 (11–35)0.581
Mean MEG count in bone marrow slide107 (34–213)91 (34–147)0.088
Mean numbers of previous treatments3 (2–4)3 (2–5)0.584

The SR/non-SR group included patients with SR/non-SR in both groups; MEG: megakaryocyte; Plt: platelet.