Research Article

Altered Sympathetic-to-Immune Cell Signaling via β2-Adrenergic Receptors in Adjuvant Arthritis

Figure 3

Specific binding and Scatchard plots of (−)-(125I)cyanopindolol (125ICYP) in whole spleen cells from rats treated with (a) Saline, (b) MO, (c) SMB, and (d) CFA. Spleen cells were incubated under equilibrium binding conditions at 37°C with 125ICYP (15.8–333 pM) for 60 min, then the reaction was stopped, and the radioactivity was quantified by gamma scintillation counting. Binding assays were run in duplicate. Specific binding (sites/cell) and inset Scatchard plots (bound/free) represent mean values obtained from 8 rats in each treatment group. (e)-(f). The mean density of β-AR ( ) expressed as sites/cell (e) and (f) on spleen cells from Saline-, MO-, SMB-, and CFA-treated rats. (e) The number of β 2-AR sites per splenocyte is significantly decreased in SMB- and CFA-treated rats compared with both Saline- and MO-treated rats. (f) The mean was increased in MO- and CFA-treated rats compared with rats treated with SMB. Mean values were calculated for the and determined from specific binding curves generated for each rat from each treatment group. Data are expressed as a mean or   ± SEM with an of 8 rats per treatment group. Statistics: one-way ANOVA with Bonferroni multiple comparison tests (* ; ** ; *** ).