Table 1: Pediatric and adult PTLD.

Pediatric PTLD Adult PTLD

EBV serostatus at transplantation
 Negative78%[10]13%* [125]
EBV association of PTLD90% [10]45% (−69%*)[60, 125]
 Polymorphic16% [10]27%* [125]
 Monomorphic 72%65%*
 Hodgkin’s disease9%7%*
 B-cell origin97%93%*
 T-cell origin3%6%*
First-line treatment (B-cell disease)Rituximab +/− reduced intensity chemotherapy[63]Rituximab +/− standard chemotherapy[60]
Prognosis2-year overall survival 80–90%[63]2-year overall survival 60–70%[60]
Incidence according to transplanted organ
 Kidney2%-3%[21, 22]1.0%–2.3% [4]
 Heart~6%[16] 1.0%–6.3%
 Lung~15%[27, 28]2.4%–10.0%
 Small bowl~20%[29]20%

Adult data derived from a KTx population.