Table 2: Results of lymphocyte crossmatch test, Mixed assay, and Single Antigen assay and histological findings and clinical outcomes in crossmatch-positive recipients.

Patient no.LCT*Mixed assay MFI$ of anti-Class I
HLA antibody
Mixed assay MFI$ of anti-Class II
HLA antibody
Histological findings of the first liver biopsy (POD) C4d depositionOutcome Causes of deathHistological findings of the last liver biopsy in alive patients (POD)

1+++HighHighLowHighCholangitis (40)E#Dead (118)Sepsis
2+++HighHigh+HighHighCholangitis (183)E & S**Alive (3479)Chronic cholangitis, possible PBC‡‡ recurrence (2360)
3+++HighHighNegativeNegativeNo biopsyDead (28)Hepatic artery rupture due to biliary leakage
4+++HighHigh+High HighCholestasis (18)E & SDead (69)Sepsis after repeated steroid pulse therapy for refractory ACR
5++HighHigh+LowLowNo biopsyDead (26)Sepsis and fungal infection after steroid pulse therapy for refractory ACR
6±+HighHighNegativeNegativeNo biopsyAlive (1286)No biopsy
7++HighHigh+NegativeNegativeLobular inflammation (3)E & SDead (49)Intra-abdominal hemorrhage, sepsis after steroid pulse therapy for severe ACR
8++HighHigh+HighLowAcute cholangitis (18)EAlive (1160)Chronic cholangitis, HCV$$ recurrence (339)
9++HighHighNegativeNegativeNo biopsyDead (72)Sepsis of intestinal perforation
10++HighHigh+LowLowNo biopsyDead (12)Intra-abdominal hemorrhage and hepatic failure
11++HighHighNegativeNegativeSteatosis (32)EAlive (1407)Mild portal inflammation (1377)
12++LowHigh+NegativeNegativeCholangitis (183)E & SAlive (2660)Resolving cholangitis (2286)
13++LowLowNegativeNegativeSteatosis (61)EAlive (777)Steatohepatitis (613)
14++NegativeLowNegativeNegativeCholangitis (28)NAlive (1885)Mild portal inflammation (913)
15++NegativeNegativeNegativeNegativeCholestasis (20)NAlive (1490)ACR (468)
16+NegativeNegativeNegativeNegativeNo biopsyAlive (1095)No biopsy
17+NegativeNegativeNegativeNegativeSevere ACR†† (8)NAlive (3318)No remarkable findings (720)
18+NegativeLowNegativeNegativeCentrilobular hemorrhage and congestion (228)NAlive (2765)Mild portal inflammation and fibrosis (2273)

 *Lymphocyte crossmatch test; direct complement-dependent cytotoxicity; anti-human globulin with added CDC; $mean fluorescence intensity (high, >10,000; low, <10,000); donor-specific antibody; #endothelial deposition; **endothelial and stromal deposition; ††acute cellular rejection; ‡‡primary biliary cirrhosis; $$hepatitis C.