Research Article

Differential Immune Response against Recombinant Leishmania donovani Peroxidoxin 1 and Peroxidoxin 2 Proteins in BALB/c Mice

Figure 1

(a) Sequence comparison of Leishmania donovani Pxn1 and Pxn2. Alignment of amino acid sequence depicts the high homology between LdPxn1 and LdPxn2. Highlighted areas show positions of mismatch. LdPxn2 possesses extra 9 amino acids at the carboxy terminus (underlined) that are missing from LdPxn1. (b) SDS-PAGE and western blot of rLdPxn1 and rLdPxn2 proteins. One microgram per lane of rLdPxn1 (lane 1) and rLdPxn2 (lane 2) was separated on a 12% SDS-PAGE and stained with Coomassie blue, top. The separated samples were transferred to Hybond-P membrane and were probed with pooled sera from mice immunized with the respective recombinant protein, bottom. Molecular weight in kDa is shown on the left.