(a) Proinflammatory cytokines
(b) LC migration chemokines
(c) General inflammatory cytokines
Figure 4: Differential cytokine and chemokine secretion by skin and gingiva equivalents in response to rhTNFα, irritant SDS, and allergenic cinnamaldehyde. (a) Proinflammatory cytokine secretion; (b) Langerhans cell (LC) migration related chemokine secretion; (c) general inflammatory cytokine secretion. Cultures were unexposed or exposed to rhTNFα (culture medium exposure; 100 and 200 IU/mL), SDS (topical exposure; 1 and 2 mM), or cinnamaldehyde (topical exposure; 20 and 40 mM) for 24 h. Cytotoxicity as assessed by MTT assay was <20% at the highest chemical concentration. Culture supernatants were collected and analysed by ELISA. Data represent the average of at least 3 individual experiments ± SEM; ; ; ; paired Student’s -test for intraskin and intragingiva comparisons, unpaired Student’s -test for skin versus gingival comparisons.