Figure 3: TRAIL reduces β-cell mass and increases β-cell density in the islets of HFD fed mice. Quantification of mass and density and representative histological sections of pancreas islets from standard diet (SD), high-fat diet (HF), or high-fat diet fed mice treated with TRAIL (HF + TRAIL) (magnification 40x). The sections were stained with polyclonal antibody against insulin (3,3′-diaminobenzidine-DAB) and counterstained with hematoxylin. Pancreatic β-cell mass was estimated by multiplying the mean density of staining for insulin in the islet section by the mean islet area per area of pancreas. This was expressed in arbitrary units adjusted for the wet weight of the pancreas of each mouse. Pancreatic β-cell density was estimated by determining the percentage proportion of islet area occupied by the brown (DAB) staining and was expressed as percentage stained area. Data are mean ± SEM versus SD; versus HF.