Figure 4: J-HER treatment of TUBO cell-challenged mice. Mice were challenged with 2.5 × 10 [7] TUBO cells in each of two sites and then immunized with HBSS in Montanide ISA-51 adjuvant (control ) or J-HER in adjuvant (vaccine ) one week later and at two-week intervals thereafter. Data is presented with respect to day after tumor challenge. (a) The average tumor load by volume for untreated mice. Mice that died during the trial are indicated by values of 16,000 and mice with no tumors are indicated by a diamond. (b) The average tumor load by volume for J-HER-treated mice, depiction as for panel (a). (c) Kaplan-Meier plot of survival on days shown after tumor challenge. (d) The disease score (calculated as defined in the Methods). (; ; ; .)