Research Article

Low Serum IGF-1 in Boys with Recent Onset of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Figure 4

Serum IGF-1 levels in relation to disease activity/inflammation variables among boys and girls with early JIA. Multivariate OPLS loading column plots displaying the associations between Y, i.e., IGF-1 serum levels, and X-variables, i.e., clinical disease activity/inflammation variables, among (a) boys and (c) girls with early JIA. X-variables with bars projected in the same direction as Y are positively associated, whereas parameters in the opposite direction are inversely related to Y. The larger the bar and smaller the error bar, the stronger and more certain is the contribution to the model. Correlations between serum IGF-1 levels and platelet counts in boys (b) and in girls (d). (b, d) Spearman’s rank correlation test.