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STAT1, IGF1, RAC1, and MDM2 Are Associated with Recurrence of Giant Cell Tumor of Bone

Table 4

The significant immune-related-enriched functional terms.

Significant GO listTerm name value corrected with Bonferroni

GO:00713100Cellular response to organic substance1.23E-28
GO:00072430Intracellular protein kinase cascade4.40E-27
GO:00100330Response to organic substance1.81E-26
GO:00192210Cytokine-mediated signaling pathway3.80E-19
GO:00713450Cellular response to cytokine stimulus1.23E-17
GO:00801350Regulation of cellular response to stress3.38E-14
GO:00026820Regulation of immune system process7.62E-14
GO:00450880Regulation of innate immune response8.01E-14
GO:00328700Cellular response to hormone stimulus9.06E-14
GO:00027570Immune response-activating signal transduction5.49E-10
GO:00026840Positive regulation of immune system process1.02E-09
GO:00022530Activation of immune response3.26E-09
GO:00607590Regulation of response to cytokine stimulus6.86E-09
GO:00508650Regulation of cell activation1.11E-08
GO:00517070Response to other organism2.13E-08
GO:00507780Positive regulation of immune response2.14E-08
GO:00512490Regulation of lymphocyte activation4.19E-08
GO:00450890Positive regulation of innate immune response1.86E-07
GO:00024290Immune response-activating cell surface receptor signaling pathway2.62E-07
GO:00508700Positive regulation of T cell activation2.07E-06
GO:00508670Positive regulation of cell activation3.30E-06
GO:00313490Positive regulation of defense response3.42E-06
GO:00096150Response to virus4.46E-06
GO:00466510Lymphocyte proliferation1.73E-05
GO:00096170Response to bacterium2.17E-05

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