Journal of Immunology Research / 2018 / Article / Fig 4

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Strength Training Session Induces Important Changes on Physiological, Immunological, and Inflammatory Biomarkers

Figure 4

The single strength training exercise protocol induces alterations in the level of circulating myokines. The single session of exercise was able to elevate the level of some myokines IL-6 in TG 2 hours (Figure 3(a)), BDNF in UTG 2 hours (Figure 3(c)), and FABP3 immediately after exercise and 2 hours (Figure 3(g)). This exercise protocol did not change IL-15 (Figure 3(b)), apelin (Figure 3(d)), osteonectin (Figure 3(f)), and oncostatin (Figure 3(h)). Data are presented in least squares means and standard error, with the level of significance adopted at . ,, a, b Statistical difference between groups.