Figure 1: Blocking effects of anti-IFN-γ autoAbs on monocyte-derived M1 macrophages. Human monocytic THP-1 cells were treated with PMA to induce cell differentiation toward a macrophage-like (M0) morphological phenotype (a) with increased adherent morphology (b) and expression of CD68 (c). Following IFN-γ treatment in the presence of anti-IFN-γ autoAb-positive patient serum (PS) or anti-IFN-γ autoAb-negative healthy serum (HS), immunostaining followed by fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry showed the expression of M1-like macrophage biomarkers, such as CD14 (d) and CD86 (e). All immunostaining data are shown as one representative image. DAPI was used for nuclear staining. Relative mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) was normalized in the untreated group. and compared with the control group. compared with the HS group.