Research Article

Cross-Disease Innate Gene Signature: Emerging Diversity and Abundance in RA Comparing to SLE and SSc

Table 2

Relative mRNA expression levels of genes differentially expressed between (a) RA vs. SLE, (b) RA vs. SSc, (c) SSc vs. SLE.
(a) RA vs. SLE

GeneMean (95% CI)FC value

TLR50.056 (0.043-0.070)0.021 (0.011-0.032)6.49
SIGIRR0.300 (0.247-0.353)0.179 (0.141-0.218)1.76
TLR20.077 (0.059-0.095)0.046 (0.029-0.063)2.00

(b) RA vs. SSc

GeneMean (95% CI)FC value

IL1RAP0.015 (0.011-0.020)0.003 (0.001-0.004)6.08
TLR50.056 (0.043-0.070)0.013 (0.007-0.019)7.16
IL18R10.011 (0.008-0.014)0.003 (0.002-0.005)4.08
SIGIRR0.300 (0.247-0.353)0.155 (0.098-0.211)2.26
TLR30.005 (0.003-0.007)0.001 ()28.5

(c) SSc vs. SLE

GeneMean (95% CI)FC value

IL1R10.004 (0.003-0.005)0.002 ()34.8

value corrected for multiple comparisons (Benjamini-Hochberg correction). FC (fold change) between group medians of relative mRNA expression levels.