Table 1: Tabulated inhibition statistics for in vitro LAL assay studies.

FiguresDependent variable, Independent variable, Coefficient of determination, R2Adjusted R2Std. error of the regression, statistic changeDegrees of freedomSig. change
β0β1df1df2 value

1(b)% inhibition (5 ng LPS)MPO (mg)93.613.40.93480.93376.34831.7158
2% inhibition (0.1 ng LPS)MPO (mg)
2% inhibition (0.1 ng LPS)EPO (mg)
2% inhibition (0.1 ng LPS)GO (mg)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
3(b)% of inhibition (2.16 μg lipid A)MPO (mg)109.339.40.92330.92049.55313.1126
3(b)% of inhibition (2.16 μg lipid A)EPO (mg)
4% inhibition (4 μg MPO: 0.8 μg GO)LPS (ng)7.1-19.10.90050.87569.0336.2140.0038
Without glucose (inactive)
4% inhibition (4 μg MPO: 0.8 μg GO)LPS (ng)10.8-15.00.87470.84348.0427.9140.0061
With glucose (active)

ANOVA and regression analyses were performed with IBM SPSS Statistics Software version 17.0.