Research Article

Functionalisation of Virus-Like Particles Enhances Antitumour Immune Responses

Figure 2

In vitro T-cell activation by gp100 VLPs. BMDC were pulsed with 10 μg/ml VLP or gp100 peptide at a molar equivalent to gp100 in gp100.2L VLP. CD8+ T-cells from Pmel mice were cocultured with activated BMDC for 72 h. (a, c) Proliferation of T-cell in coculture, measured by flow cytometry. (b, d) Supernatants from cocultures were harvested and IFN-γ measured by ELISA. Graphs show the mean of three independent experiments ± SEM. Statistical significance was determined by one-way ANOVA with Tukey’s post hoc tests, , . Statistical significance displayed is the comparison between untreated cells (cPBS and VP60) and treated cells.