Research Article

Cross-Reaction, Enhancement, and Neutralization Activity of Dengue Virus Antibodies against Zika Virus: A Study in the Mexican Population

Figure 1

Cloning of the E-ZIKV gene of ZIKV. (a) Digestion of the plasmid pJET2.1 with restriction enzymes XbaI and KpnI. Lane 1: undigested plasmid pJET2.1; lane 2: digested pJET2.1 plasmid yielding a 1,500 bp fragment. (b) Digestion of the plasmid pMTBiP/V5-His B with the restriction enzymes XbaI and KpnI. Lane 2: restriction analysis of the construct pMT/E-ZIKV, which yields a 1,500 bp fragment. (c) A: diagram of the full-length E-ZIKV sequence; B: a schematic representation of rE-ZIKV flanked by the elements of the plasmid pMT, BiP, V5, and 6X His.