Research Article

Cross-Reaction, Enhancement, and Neutralization Activity of Dengue Virus Antibodies against Zika Virus: A Study in the Mexican Population

Figure 6

Neutralization of ZIKV by DENV sera. Serially diluted sera from DF and DHF patients were mixed with of ZIKV and incubated for 1 h; these complexes were used to infect Vero cells for 24 h, and infection was evaluated by flow cytometry. (a) Representative dot plots of one DF serum sample (A) and one DHF serum sample (B). (b) Percent of neutralization of ZIKV with DF serum samples and DHF serum samples. (c) Comparison of both group DF and DHF sera; each sample was graphed at the maximum dilution where neutralization still was observed. As a positive control, 4G2 serum was used for ADE.