Journal of Immunology Research / 2020 / Article / Fig 3

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BCG-Induced Trained Immunity in Healthy Individuals: The Effect of Plasma Muramyl Dipeptide Concentrations

Figure 3

The concentration of circulating MDP is positively correlated with the concentration of red blood cells and systemic inflammation in peripheral blood. (a) Spearman correlation of circulating MDP concentrations at baseline and various cell subsets measured in whole blood on Sysmex hematology analyzer (). V1 = visit 1 (before vaccination); V2 = visit 2 (two weeks after vaccination); V3 = visit 3 (three months after vaccination). WBC = white blood cell; RBC = red blood cells; HGB = hemoglobulin; PLT = platelets; # = count; NEUT = neutrophil; LYMPH = lymphocytes; MONO = monocytes; EO = eosinophils; IG = immunoglobulin. (b) Spearman correlation of circulating MDP concentrations and immunomodulators at baseline in peripheral blood by using Olink platform (). Two examples of correlations with MDP are shown (CCL19 and IL-10). Cells of both rho and value are colored based on rho value. Significant changes are underlined.