Research Article

HMGB1 Recruits TET2/AID/TDG to Induce DNA Demethylation in STAT3 Promoter in CD4+ T Cells from aGVHD Patients

Figure 4

HMGB1 recruited TET2, AID, and TDG to bind to STAT3 promoter. (a) The combination of HMGB1 and TET2/AID/TDG was detected by Co-IP in Jurkat cells and analyzed by western blot analysis. (b–d) Representative western blotting results for (b) HMGB1, (c) relative HMGB1protein level, and (d) mRNA level in non-GVHD CD4+ T cells transfected with the HMGB1 overexpression plasmid or negative control plasmid. (e) The binding levels of TET2/AID/TDG in STAT3 promoter in HMGB1-overexpressed non-aGVHD CD4+ T cells and control cells. (f–i) After interference with HMGB1 in aGVHD CD4+ T cells, representative western blotting results for (f) HMGB1, (g) relative HMGB1 protein level, (h) relative HMGB1 mRNA level, and (i) the binding levels were detected. Experiments were repeated three times. Data are presented as the of three independent experiments. , .