Research Article

MPC1 Deficiency Promotes CRC Liver Metastasis via Facilitating Nuclear Translocation of β-Catenin

Figure 1

Expression pattern of MPC1 in CRC. (a) Volcano plot showed fold changes (-axis) and corresponding values (log10, -axis) of pyruvate metabolism-related genes located in mitochondria analyzed in the TCGA dataset between paired normal and CRC samples (Student’s -test). (b) The comparison of MPC1 expression in tumor and matched normal tissues using the TCGA dataset (Student’s -test, ). (c) Expression analysis of MPC1 in tumors and corresponding normal tissue using four independent GEO datasets (GSE21510, GSE5206, GSE20916, and GSE9348) (Student’s -test, ). (d) IHC staining of MPC1 expression in matched CRC tumor and nontumor tissues (Scale bar: 200 μm). (e) IHC staining of MPC1 expression in the AOM/DSS induced CRC mouse models and control animal (Scale bar: 200 μm). (f) Representative IHC staining of MPC1 expression in tissue microarray from the Ren Ji cohort which contained CRC patients and paired adjacent normal tissue (), the tumor tissues were divided into two groups based on the expression level which scored as “-, +, ++, +++” (Scale bar: 500 μm). (g) The percentage of tissue displaying different expression level of MPC1 in CRC tumor and adjacent nontumor tissues (Fisher’s exact test, ).