Research Article

MPC1 Deficiency Promotes CRC Liver Metastasis via Facilitating Nuclear Translocation of β-Catenin

Figure 3

MPC1 overexpression inhibits the motility of CRC cells in vitro and in vivo. (a) MPC1 expression in human and mouse CRC cell lines examined by western blot. GAPDH serves as loading control. (b) MPC1 overexpression in Lovo and SW480 cells. (c) MPC1 silencing by sh-RNA-MPC1 in mouse MC38 cells. (d, e) Transwell assays showed that upregulated MPC1 suppressed the invasion and migration ability of Lovo (d) and SW480 (e) cells. Quantification of invaded and migrated cells was performed for five randomly selected fields, values are . (f) Representative bioluminescence photograph of mice spleen implanted with luciferase-expressing MC38 cells treated with sh-MPC1 or control vector, total flux was quantified by the IVIS system to verify the ability of liver metastasis. (g) Representative image of liver metastases and quantified by the nodules in mice inoculated with MC38 cells treated with sh-MPC1 or control vector, as well as representative images of H&E staining of the liver metastatic lesions. Scale bar: 100 μm. Student’s -test, , , .