Research Article

An In Vitro Comparison of Costimulatory Domains in Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell for Breast Cancer Treatment

Figure 1

Generation of CAR T cell targeting tumor associated MUC1. (a) Schematic of CAR MUC1 constructs with either CD28ζ or 4-1BBζ costimulatory signaling domain. (b) Representative histogram demonstrating CAR.MUC1-41BBζ and CAR.MUC1-CD28ζ expression on day 4 and day 11 after transduction. (c) Transduction efficiency of CAR.MUC1-41BBζ and CAR.MUC1-CD28ζ. Data are shown as from 6 independent donors. (d) Ex vivo expansion of CAR.MUC1-41BBζ and CAR.MUC1-CD28ζ. Cell numbers were determined by trypan blue exclusion assay on days 0, 4, 7, 11, and 14 after T cell transduction; data are presented as fold expansion and shown as (). (e) The number of CAR+ cell on days 4 and 11 after transduction, the data are shown as from six donors. Significance was determined by two-way ANOVA, for , for , and for .