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An In Vitro Comparison of Costimulatory Domains in Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell for Breast Cancer Treatment

Figure 4

CAR.MUC1-41BBζ and CAR.MUC1-CD28ζ exhibit potent antitumor activity in vitro. CAR.MUC1-41BBζ and CAR.MUC1-CD28ζ were cocultured with MUC1+ breast cancer cell line, MCF-7 coexpressing eGFP at effector: target (E:T) ratio 1 : 1, 1 : 2, and 1 : 5 without adding cytokine for 2 and 3 days. At the indicated timepoint, a number of tumor cells and T cells were determined by flow cytometry using counting beads. The inhibition ratio of CAR.MUC1-41BBζ and CAR.MUC1-CD28ζ after 2 days (a) and 3 days (b) coculture is shown. Data represents (). Quantification of residual target cells (c) and effector cells (d) after coculture with CAR.MUC1-41BBz or CAR.MUC1-CD28z at ratio E:T of 1 : 5. Data represents (). Statistical differences were analyzed by two-way ANOVA. value significance is indicated as for , for , and for .