Research Article

An In Vitro Comparison of Costimulatory Domains in Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell for Breast Cancer Treatment

Figure 5

CAR.MUC1-41BBζ exhibits less PD1 upregulation after antigen stimulation. (a–c) Representative histogram (left) and mean percentage (right) demonstrating the surface expression of PD-1 (a), TIM-3 (b), and LAG-3 (c) on nontransduced, CAR.MUC1-41BBζ and CAR.MUC1-CD28ζ T cells before and after coculture with MUC1+ breast cancer cell line, and MCF-7 at ratio 1 : 1 for 72 h. Data represents as (). Statistical significance was determined by two-way ANOVA and indicated as for , for , and for .