Research Article

Definition of a Novel Cuproptosis-Relevant lncRNA Signature for Uncovering Distinct Survival, Genomic Alterations, and Treatment Implications in Lung Adenocarcinoma

Figure 1

Landscape of transcriptional, genetic, and epitranscriptomic features and prognostic significance of cuproptosis genes across LUAD. (a) Heatmap visualizing the transcriptional levels of cuproptosis genes across normal and LUAD tissues. (b) Forest diagram for the univariate-cox regression results of cuproptosis genes with LUAD patients’ OS. (c) Pearson’s correlations between cuproptosis genes at the transcriptional levels. (d) Associations between proteins from cuproptosis genes through the STRING website. (e) Waterfall plot depicting the mutation events of cuproptosis genes across individual LUAD patients. Statistical plots of mutation events for each gene are displayed in the right panel. Variant classifications are marked by unique colors. (f) Bar chart for the CNV frequency of cuproptosis genes. Blue and red circles denote arm-level CNV gains and losses, respectively. (g–i) Heatmaps showing the interactions of m6A, m1A, and m5C modifiers with cuproptosis genes across LUAD. ; .