Research Article

Definition of a Novel Cuproptosis-Relevant lncRNA Signature for Uncovering Distinct Survival, Genomic Alterations, and Treatment Implications in Lung Adenocarcinoma

Figure 2

Definition of a cuproptosis-relevant lncRNA signature for LUAD. (a) Interactions of cuproptosis genes with lncRNAs across LUAD under the criteria of and value < 0.0001. (b) Forest diagram visualizing the prognostic cuproptosis-relevant lncRNAs. (c) Partial likelihood deviance under diverse values for LASSO. (d) LASSO regression coefficients under diverse values. (e) LASSO regression coefficients of each prognostic cuproptosis-relevant lncRNA. (f) Distribution of risk score derived from the cuproptosis-relevant lncRNA signature, survival time and status, and expression levels of prognostic cuproptosis-relevant lncRNAs. (g) PCA plots visualizing the difference between low- and high-risk subsets at the transcriptional levels.