Research Article

Definition of a Novel Cuproptosis-Relevant lncRNA Signature for Uncovering Distinct Survival, Genomic Alterations, and Treatment Implications in Lung Adenocarcinoma

Figure 4

Evaluation of the sensitivity and independency of the cuproptosis-relevant lncRNA signature in prognosis prediction and generation of a nomogram for LUAD. (a) K-M curves of OS between low- and high-risk subsets in diverse subgroups stratified by known clinicopathological parameters. (b, c) Forest diagrams depicting uni- and multivariate-cox regression results of the relationships of the cuproptosis-relevant lncRNA signature and clinicopathological parameters with OS outcomes. (d) Generation of a nomogram scoring system incorporating the cuproptosis-relevant lncRNA signature together with clinicopathological parameters (histological stage, TNM). Each variable corresponds to a point, and total point refers to the total score obtained by adding up the corresponding points of all variables. (e) Calibration curves illustrating the nomogram scoring system-estimated and clinically observed 1-, 3-, and 5-year OS outcomes.