Research Article

HIF-3α-Induced miR-630 Expression Promotes Cancer Hallmarks in Cervical Cancer Cells by Forming a Positive Feedback Loop

Figure 3

ChIP-seq results of HIF-3α showed its binding preference at promoter region. (a) Read density heat map plot showed the enriched read distribution around gene TSS sites. (b) Pie chart showed the percentage of peaks from four genomic regions. (c) Bar plot showed the percentage of bound genes classified by their coding types. The white and brown bars represent two biological replicates of HIF-3α ChIP-seq data. (d) Venn diagram showed HIF-3α-bound genes and HIF-3α-regulated DEGs. (e) Read distribution of bound miRNA miR-137. Red rectangle represents the bound region of HIF-3α. (f) Bar plot showed the validation results of ChIP-qPCR experiments.