Research Article

Intracardiac Echocardiography as a Guide for Transcatheter Closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Table 1

Demographics of the subjects.

#PA side diameter
AgeBody heightBody weightMeasured by ICEMean PAPRpDevices
(y. o.)(cm)(kg)Sex(mm)Qp/Qs(mmHg)Wood ⋅ U

28.913434F2,0M1.2161.5ADO (6/4)
38.4119.320.3F2.1L1.6161.5ADO (6/4)
49.5136.527.1F2.2L1.4243ADO (8/6)
55.798.715.9F2.3L1.2161.2ADO (5/4)
65.111119.7F2.3L1.1261.8ADO (5/4)
75.3111.718.7M2.4L1.4171.2ADO (6/4)
86.212025.3M2.5M1.3171.7ADO (6/4)
94.610617.8F2.9M1.7161.9ADO (6/4)
1014.7157.349.8F3.0L1.1141.5ADO (8/6)
1139.1166.473.2M3.1L1.4192.3ADO (10/8)
128.911218.3M3.2L1.7292.9ADO (8/6)
1317.915642.3F3.3L1.2221.9ADO (10/8)
1448.516958.6M3.5M1.7110.4ADO (8/6)
1535.417365.9M3.8L2.4292.5ADO (8/6)
1676.515146.5M3.8M2.2182.1ADO (10/8)
1713.214334M3.9M1.8170.9ADO (8/6)
188514446.2F4.2L2.1272.2ADO (12/10)
1963.716056.0F4.6L1.9142.3ADO (10/8)
2057.4149.658.5F5.1L1.4172.7ADO (10/8)
2131.1170.651.7M5.5L1.7151.2ADO (10/8)
2266.115341.7F6.4L2.2173ADO (12/10)
236214531.2F11.1L1.8647.1ASO (17)

The shape of PDA was classified as Krichenko type A in most patients except for type B in Patient 23, type D in patient 14, and type E in patient 1 and 9. LMeasured by left pulmonary artery view. M Measured by main pulmonary artery view. ADO, Amplatzer duct occluder; AoG, aortography; ASO, Amplatzer septal occluder; CCT, cardiac computed tomography; F, female; M, male; PAP, pulmonary artery pressure; PDA, patent ductus arteriosus; Rp, pulmonary artery resistance; y. o., years old; #, patient number.