Table 2: Relation of the fusogenic molecules with its threshold concentration and size. For the determination of the length and width of the molecules, all the geometries are minimized using a semiempirical level of theory, Austin Model 1 (AM1) using GAUSSIAN 03 [128]. AM1 is based on a modified neglect of differential overlap (MNDO) approximation [129].

MoleculesLength (in nm)Width (in nm)Molecule-to-lipid ratio at threshold concentrationVesicle size

Abscisic acid1.040.680.125MLV (~1000 nm)
-hexyl bromide0.880.250.050SUV (  nm)
Halothane0.420.3010.0LUV (~500 nm)
Meloxicam1.430.600.018SUV (  nm)
Piroxicam1.380.610.018SUV ( nm)
Tenoxicam1.230.540.018SUV (  nm)
Chlorpromazine1.061.01  nm