Table 4: Strength and direction of gene flow for Acanthurus nigroris: (1) between the MHI ( individuals), NWHI ( individuals), and Johnston Atoll ( individuals), (2) among all remaining Pacific populations ( ), and (3) between Hawaiian and Pacific populations by pooling all sampled individuals (Hawaii, ; Pacific, ). Values are reported as the mean effective number of migrants per generation taken from ten independent runs.

Number of immigrants per generation into receiving population
Comparison2.5% percentileMean97.5% percentile

Among regions
(Hawaii versus Pacific)
Hawaii into Pacific00.713.19
Pacific into Hawaii00.341.63
Among populations
(within Hawaii)
MHI into NWHI035.19162.00
NWHI into MHI022.99132.00
MHI into JOH03.6926.04
JOH into MHI4.7962.11197.00
NWHI into JOH03.2224.65
JOH into NWHI3.8362.56190.00
Among populations
(within Pacific)
AS into LI011.9454.80
AS into MI020.8763.20
AS into SI022.9166.00
LI into AS013.7654.40
MI into AS07.1437.60
SI into AS010.5850.40
LI into MI016.1753.60
LI into SI018.3356.80
MI into LI06.4035.60
SI into LI08.3848.40
MI into SI09.1839.60
SI into MI014.6253.20

AS: American Samoa; JOH: Johnston Atoll; LI: Line Islands; MHI: Main Hawaiian Islands; MI: Marshall Islands; NWHI: Northwest Hawaiian Islands; SI: Society Islands.
Samples from Necker Island ( ), Lanai ( ), and the Tokelau Islands ( ) were omitted from these analyses.