Journal of Marine Sciences / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Sponge Farming Trials: Survival, Attachment, and Growth of Two Indo-Pacific Sponges, Neopetrosia sp. and Stylissa massa

Table 1

List of application methods of fragments at the different study sites associated with the number of transplants and the days of culture.

SpeciesPlaceField/aquariaAttachment methodCutting methodNo. of transplantsDays in culture

Neopetrosia sp.FieldTPHL (t/m/b)HC36 (12/12/12)108
Neopetrosia sp.FieldTPLRHC12108
Neopetrosia sp.FieldTPASHC1283
Neopetrosia sp.AquariaGTHLHC24107
Neopetrosia sp.AquariaGTLRHC24107
Neopetrosia sp.AquariaCTASHC1245
S. massaFieldPPHL (t/m/b)HC/VC18/18 (6/6/6)131
S. massaFieldPPLRHC/VC6/6131
S. massaFieldTPHL (t/m/b)HC/VC18/18 (6/6/6)108
S. massaFieldTPLRHC/VC6/6108
S. massaFieldTPASHC/VC6/683
S. massaAquariaGTHLHC/VC12/12107
S. massaAquariaGTLRHC/VC12/12107
S. massaAquariaCTASHC/VC6/645

TP: Teluk Pegametan, PP: Pulau Pari, GT: glass tank, CT: cement tank, HL (t/m/b): horizontal line (top/middle/bottom), LR: live rock, AS: artificial substrate, HC: horizontally cut, and VC: vertically cut.