Journal of Marine Sciences / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Sponge Farming Trials: Survival, Attachment, and Growth of Two Indo-Pacific Sponges, Neopetrosia sp. and Stylissa massa

Table 2

Mean initial and end values of length and volume of fragments at the different sites for all methods.

SpeciesPlaceMean initial length [cm]Mean end length [cm]Mean initial volume [cm³]Mean end volume [cm³]

Neopetrosia sp.Field5.910.810.848.3
Neopetrosia sp.Aquaria4.
Stylissa massaField TP HC7.18.239.795.4
Stylissa massaField TP VC8.49.343.594
Stylissa massaField PP HC5.95.640.937.1
Stylissa massaField PP VC7.27.746.153.6
Stylissa massaAquaria HC6.24.737.638.9
Stylissa massaAquaria VC7.26.139.540.2

TP: Teluk Pegametan, PP: Pulau Pari, HC: horizontally cut, and VC: vertically cut.