Table 1: White sharks observed in the Hawaiian Archipelago.

DateAnimal ID*LocationTL (m)SexBasis for identificationSource

May 18, 192619260603Kahuku, Oahu3.8UCaptured specimen[12]
Dec 7, 195919591207Kahuku-Waialee, Oahu3.5MOriginal catch data[14]
Mar 6, 196019600306Windward Oahu3.3FOriginal catch data[14]
Mar 8, 1961196103081 mile outside Honolulu Harbor4.1UCaptive specimen[1, 15]
Jan 20, 196619660120aKawaihae Bay, HawaiiUOriginal catch data[1, 16]
Jan 20, 196619660120bKawaihae Bay, HawaiiUOriginal catch data[1, 16]
Mar 8, 196919690308Makaha, OahuUTooth impressions in surfboard[17]
May 3, 196919690503Kawaihae Bay, HawaiiMOriginal catch data[1, 16]
Oct 28, 200220021028Penguin Bank, MolokaiUVideo footage[18]
Oct 4, 200420041004Makapuu, Oahu3.9FVideo footage[18]
Jan 4, 200520050104Molokini, MauiLarge UPhotograph[18], 1
Dec 28, 200520051228Near Haleiwa, Oahu4.5FVideo footage2
Jan 29, 200620060129Mahukona, Hawaii4.2FPhotograph3
May 1, 201120110501Between Molokai and Maui3.3UVideo footage4

Animal ID is given as date in the format. Detailed descriptions of each individual are in the Supplementary Material available online at
Sources: References 1Photographs and descriptions by John Chakerain provided to K. Weng, 2012; 2Jimmy Hall photos provided to K. Weng; 3Todd Buczyna photographs provided to K. Weng, 2012; 4Virginia Moriwake and Jeff Drazen, University of Hawaii.