Table 3: Analyses of molecular variance (AMOVAs) for A. abdominalis, C. ovalis, and C. verater with percent variation (% variation), fixation indices ( and ), and associated values. “/” is used to separate different groupings of sampling locations. Bold values are significant (). FFS = French Frigate Shoals.

Among groupsWithin populationsAmong groupsWithin populations
% variationP value% variationP value% variationP value% variation value

A. abdominalisAll samples99.370.00630.091198.770.01230.0034
Kure, Midway, Pearl & Hermes, Lisianski, Laysan, Maro Reef, FFS, Necker/Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and island of Hawaii1.070.01070.004498.810.01190.0810.980.00980.012398.260.01750.0028

C. ovalisAll samples98.790.01210.004799.410.00590.0370
Kure, Midway, Pearl & Hermes/Lisianski, Laysan, Maro Reef, FFS, Necker, Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and island of Hawaii1.210.01210.033898.080.01920.00490.96 0.00960.028798.840.01160.0368

C. veraterJohnston Atoll and Hawaiian Archipelago
 All samples97.680.02320.000097.060.03630.0000
 Johnston Atoll/Hawaiian  Archipelago93.210.06790.000088.440.11560.0000
Hawaiian Archipelago
 All samples99.070.00930.019798.850.01150.0087
 Island of Hawaii/rest of  archipelago97.890.02110.019496.480.03520.0045