Figure 2: Global distribution of Aulacomya ater. In red, hypothetical origin of A. ater from Antarctic coasts and actual coastal distribution of A. ater. In South America, it is found in Chile, Peru, and Argentina. It is also found on the Atlantic coast of South Africa, in the Kerguelen Islands (Port-aux-Français and other sites), New Zealand, and the Falkland Islands. In blue, invasion of the mediteraneen M. galloprovincialis worldwide (adapted from [30]). M. galloprovincialis has colonised and formed naturalised populations at nine localities outside of its native range. These include Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia, America, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland. M. galloprovincialis has been listed as one of the World’s Worst 100 Invasive Alien Species (GISD 2012).