Table 1: Putative Passiflora homologs of genes encoding elements of the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway.

Enzyme Passiflora AS* First BLAST hit -valueID/SM

CHSPACEPE3010G11.g ABD24222 CHS Populus alba 85/90
PACEPE3014B06.g ABC86919 CHS Populus alba 77/84
PACEPE3007G06.g XP_002305446 CHS-like Populus trichocarpa 84/92
PACEPE3023H10.g XP_002326830 CHS-like Populus trichocarpa 82/91
PACEPS7017D03.g AAQ62589 CHS3 Glycine Max 82/88
DFRPACEPE3003G04.g XP_002307667 DFR2 Populus trichocarpa 82/94
GTPACEPE3030G03.g XP_002532899 UFGT Ricinus communis 53/70
PACEPS7021H07.g XP_002518725 UFGT Ricinus communis 56/72
GSTPACEPE3013H01.g AF048978 GST Glycine Max 79/90
PACEPE3007A05.g XM_002519342 GST theta Ricinus communis 77/89
PACEPE3018F08.g ADB11335 GSTF7 phi Populus trichocarpa 68/83
PACEPS4006H06.g ADB11332 GSTF4 phi Populus trichocarpa 63/78
PACEPS7023B03.g AF243378 GST 23 Glycine max 80/88
MYBPACEPS7022E07.g XP_002530824 R2R3 MYB Ricinus communis 88/91
WD40PACEPE3007G07.g XP_002512788 WD-repeat protein Ricinus communis 92/96

Abbreviations: CHS: chalcone synthase; DFR: dihydroflavonol 4-reductase; GT: glucosyltransferase and GST: glutathione S-transferase.
Using the BLASTp algorithm [29].
*AS: assembled sequence. Codes refer to the longest cDNA clone. PACEPE: Passiflora edulis; PACEPS: Passiflora suberosa.
ID/SM: identity/similarity (both based on the amino acid sequence) with the first BLAST hit.