Figure 2: Self-self hybridization at 56°C of 1 μg (per dye) of labeled total mouse brain RNA. Diagrams of average intensity values show filtered results in logarithmic scale. The 𝑦 axis represents values of AlexaFluor 3 dye measurement at 532 nm, and the 𝑥 axis represents values of AlexaFluor5 dye measurement at 635 nm. Red spots represent all signals from LNA and DNA probes spotted on the microarray slide. Detection of (a) tRNAs (yellow spots) and (b) 7SK RNA (yellow spots) with antisense DNA probes (including mismatch and deletion probes). Sense DNA probes were below detection levels and thus filtered out. (c) Diagram showing mean intensity values ( 𝑦 axis) of DNA probes for detection of highly structured ncRNAs.