Figure 4: The effect of increasing concentrations of α-PrP on the quenching of YOYO fluorescence bound to different DNAs in 20 mM Hepes buffer, pH 7.4 containing 100 mM NaCl. (a) and are the fluorescence intensities of the dye in the presence of DNA before and after the addition of protein, respectively. DNA and dye concentrations in the experiments were 400 nM phosphate and 8 nM dye. (A), gcDNA, (B), mDNA, and (C), atDNA. Excitation 485 nm; emission 505 nm. (b) A quantitative analysis was also performed to determine the relative quenching of YOYO as a measurement of DNA condensation by PrP. The statistical values were also calculated. represents , and represents . Temperature 20°C.