Journal of Neurodegenerative Diseases / 2013 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

Neuroprotection by Exendin-4 Is GLP-1 Receptor Specific but DA D3 Receptor Dependent, Causing Altered BrdU Incorporation in Subventricular Zone and Substantia Nigra

Figure 1

Effect of EX-4 on apomorphine-induced circling in the presence of 1 μg kg−1 EX-9-39 and 1 mg kg−1 NAF. Both antagonists were coadministered with EX-4 twice daily for seven days, one week after toxin injection. Circling was counted for 120 s 15 min after 0.5 mg kg−1 apomorphine injection. Results were analyzed using one-way ANOVA ( ) and a post hoc Bonferroni test to compare differences between groups. * compared to shams, EX-4, NAF, and 6-OHDA + EX-4 groups; ** compared to shams, 6-OHDA, EX-4, EX-(9-39), NAF, 6-OHDA + EX-4 + EX-(9-39), and 6-OHDA + EX-4 + EX-(9-39).