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Increasing Membrane Cholesterol Level Increases the Amyloidogenic Peptide by Enhancing the Expression of Phospholipase C

Figure 3

Augmentation of membrane cholesterol levels increased PLCβ1 and PLCβ3 expressions. (a) Representative western blotting results showed specific increase of PLCβ1 and PLCβ3 expressions from APP-transfected HeLa cells. Cells were incubated with 75 μM water-soluble cholesterol for the indicated times. Membrane and cytosol fractions were obtained as described in Materials and Methods. Similar results were obtained from 5 different experiments. Note that PLCβ1 and PLCβ3 expressions were increased in time-dependent manner by cholesterol from membrane fraction but not from cytosol fraction. In contrast, PLCγ2 expression was not changed by cholesterol. β-tubulin was used to confirm the amount of proteins loaded. (b, c) Bars correspond to the densitometric analysis of PLCβ1 and PLCβ3 expressions from membrane and cytosol fractions ( ). * ; ** .