Journal of Neurodegenerative Diseases / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

An Intrabody Drug (rAAV6-INT41) Reduces the Binding of N-Terminal Huntingtin Fragment(s) to DNA to Basal Levels in PC12 Cells and Delays Cognitive Loss in the R6/2 Animal Model

Table 1

Gene dysregulation by Htt-exon1-GFP (Q103) reduced by INT41: (1 & 3) fold change in gene expression versus control HEK293T adjusted for weighted error (NC = no change). () fold change in expression versus Htt-exon1-GFP (Q103) adjusted for weighted error (numbers are relative to nontransfected HEK293T with a value of 1).

GeneQ1031Q103 + INT412INT413Comments

NRCAM0.441.80 NSNeuronal CAM
IMMT0.321.66 NSMitochondrial IM protein
PCDH90.371.68 NSNeuronal protocadherin
BNIP30.381.91 NSProapoptosis
NRP10.451.92 NSNeurophilin
UBE2E30.591.30 NSUbiquitin conjugating enzyme
UBE2J26.320.58 2.7Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme
HSPA1B5.880.56 NSHSP701B stabilizes aggregation
PDF8.66 0.491.97Protein synthesis regulator
SPCS14.20 0.55 NSUbiquitin signal peptidase
NCSTN4.17 0.57 NSNotch/beta amyloid cleavage (AZ)
CTSD4.070.37 NSAspartyl protease (AZ)
HSP90AA2.79NSNSCytosolic HSP90 alpha