Journal of Nanomaterials / 2010 / Article / Fig 6

Research Article

Development of Near Infrared-Fluorescent Nanophosphors and Applications for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

Figure 6

Possible application of NIR photonic nanomaterials for cancer therapy. (a) Usage of Y2O3:YbEr-NP-coated clips (NIR clips) for colorectal cancer surgery. (1) After endoscopic detection of colorectal cancer, NIR clips are fixed to mark cancer sites using endoscopy. (2) Cancer surgery using NIR-NIR imaging system. Using this new imaging system, we will be able to determine the proper resection margins (normally 10 cm from the cancer site) for curative resection during surgery. (b) Advantage of proposed NIR clip procedure against current procedure (tattooing). NIR clips enable better recognition of cancer sites, which leads to minimum colon resection.