Figure 2: The dry-transfer process. (a) Cross-sectional illustration of the Si/SiO2 (200 nm) growth substrate magnetron sputtered with 10 nm Al2Ox/1 nm Fe thermally evaporated (Lesker PVD). (b) MWCNT synthesis by thermal CVD: 700oC, 26 mbar, 192 sccm H2 : 8 sccm C2H2, 10 min. Inset: Optical micrograph of an as-grown 550 μm tall MWCNT forest. (c) PET destination substrate angled towards the source nanotube forest. PET and source nanotube substrate are compressed by a rolled quartz cylinder, moving at a rate of ~1 cm/s. (d) Aligned MWCNT thin film.